How to become a member

  • Membership of the Jersey Old Motor Club Limited is open to all persons whether or not they own an ‘eligible motor vehicle’.
  • Please fill in the application form which can be found under FORMS.
  • An applicant who owns an eligible motor vehicle is invited to complete the ‘eligibility declaration’ section of the application form.
  • The form/s should be forwarded to the Company Secretary together with a cheque payable to ‘The Jersey Old Motor Club Limited’ to cover the joining fee (currently £10) together with the annual subscription as detailed on the application form.
  • The application will be considered by the Board of Directors who convene monthly and the Company Secretary will then contact the applicant.
  • A successful application will result in the applicant becoming a guarantor member of the Jersey Old Motor Club Limited with a maximum liability for the debts of the Club of £1.
  • The Club is bound by its Memorandum and Articles of Association together with its By Laws which are available to view on the Club’s website.


Club Objectives

  • To encourage the ownership of vehicles manufactured prior to 31st December 1950
  • To provide information, advice and encourage the restoration and preservation of old vehicles
  • To promote and organise events and social gatherings for members
  • To promote the practical and social aspects of motoring for members
  • To further the motoring interest of members generally and join with others to that end
  • To encourage courtesy, good driving and road safety

Rules/Bylaws/Privacy Policy

Please take a minute to familiarise yourself with the club’s rules/bylaws which can be downloaded here

Privacy Policy (click on title to view)  Privacy Policy 2022 Revision 27.10.22